5 Home Design Don’ts

I love everything about design – including learning new skills and tricks of the trade!

Along the way, I’ve also learned what NOT to do. These don’ts apply to any type of home design, whether you are flipping a house from top to bottom, renovating a historic home, or simply remodeling a few rooms. 

Keep reading to learn what you shouldn’t do when designing your home!

1. Don’t be afraid of color.

Neutrals ranging from gray to off-white to tan are popular choices. And with good reason – neutrals are timeless, can make a room appear larger, and go with just about any type of decor. This does not mean you have to stay away from color! Adding a pop of color on an accent wall, kitchen island, or even small decor items can brighten up any space and take away from the monotony of neutrals. 

2. Don’t forget to look up. 

Lighting accents can become a focal point of any room.  In fact, light fixtures can set the decorative tone of any space. Statement pieces are bold and beautiful, while recessed lighting can create a more minimalistic feel. 

3. Don’t underestimate the power of tile. 

When it comes to tile, the choices are endless. The versatility of tile allows you to use it as flooring or a decorative backsplash. I love incorporating tile into newly designed spaces! Add a tile backsplash in your bathroom or kitchen for a pop of color or visual separation from the countertop or wall. With countless options in color, material, texture, and shape, tile becomes a focal statement with the ability to bring any room to life. 

4. Don’t think inside the box. 

Who says lockers are only for schools? These lockers were an incredible find at Monger’s Market, and helped create a perfect space for cleaning up and getting ready after at day outside. If you see something you love, think outside the box and figure out how to incorporate it!

5. Don’t throw everything in the dumpster. 

Sometimes, when you walk into a run-down home, the first reaction is to toss everything out. But even in the worst situations, there are timeless pieces that can be salvaged and reused. These two doors were saved during total renovations, and made incredible additions to the finished space!

Do you have any design questions you want answered? Let me know in the comments!