tips to modernize your home

4 Tips to Modernize Your Home

There’s a lot of inspiration for home design out there: from shows on TV to Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards. 

And who doesn’t love browsing through before and after photos of a home remodeling project? 

Social media and TV shows have even affected how buyers view properties:

68% of buyers agents stated buyers were disappointed by how homes looked compared to homes they saw on TV shows. 

Whether you are getting ready to list your home for sale and want to increase the value, or you want to upgrade your living space for your own pleasure, take a look at these tips to modernize your home!

Start in the Kitchen

There are so many ways to modernize your kitchen!

One of the most popular is updating appliances. Newer stainless steel or black appliances can make a huge difference in your space. Appliances with smudge-resistant finishes and easy-to-clean surfaces help keep things looking newer longer, too.

New cabinetry is another way to change the look of your kitchen. Not in the budget right now? No problem – you don’t have to install brand-new cabinets to get a new look in the kitchen.  Painting or refacing your cabinetry, along with some new hardware gives existing materials a facelift at a much lower cost.

Even the simple act of reorganizing your kitchen can make a big difference. Think about using cabinet organizers and other organizational tools to create more usable space for everything you need – from pots and pans on the stovetop, to spices stored away neatly in a drawer – without making it look cluttered or messy. This will give an open feel that makes kitchens seem larger than they really are.

Update the Bathroom

New tile – whether flooring, shower, or backsplash – in the bathroom can provide a refreshing change. And, with newer and more water-resistant materials available today, it’s easy to bring your outdated tiles up to date without worrying about chipping or cracking.

A fresh coat of paint or fun wallpaper is another way to modernize this space – especially if you’re not looking for anything too drastic and just want things to look clean again.

Finally, replacing old or outdated accessories can make the space feel like new. Towels, mats,  shower curtains, and towel rods or hooks can all be updated for a modern look.

Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

If you still have original lighting fixtures throughout your home, that means they’re probably a few decades old. The options for lighting fixtures are endless and there are also plenty of new modern styles to choose from – without breaking your budget.

Just think about what you want the space to look like. Do you want it to have a bright, welcoming ambiance, or do you prefer something more subdued?

Replacing outdated fixtures is a quick and easy way to modernize your home!

Statement Decor Pieces

Statement pieces are all the rage these days and for good reason! They’re a great way to make your home more unique. This can be anything from an accent chair in a bold color or pattern, to a piece of artwork, to painting over old wood paneling to create an accent wall.

You can shop for statement pieces at your favorite shops, or you can hit up markets and estate sales for unique finds you can’t find in stores. Start with a vision in mind and explore your favorite places.

There’s no need to invest in every piece of statement decor at once. Start small by adding just one item that will make your house feel like it belongs only to you!

Do you have any design questions? Let me know in the comments!

2021 tile trends

2021 Tile Trends

National Tile Day was February 23, and you know I tuned in to my favorite design topic!

One of the reasons I love tile is because design possibilities are endless. Different colors, textures, and materials enable you to incorporate tile into any style of home. I always love learning about new tile trends!

To celebrate National Tile Day, Coverings announced the 2021 Tile Design Trends, forecasted by three leading international tile associations: Ceramics of Italy, Tile of Spain, and the Tile Council of North America. 

Keep reading to learn what they are!

Flecked Effect

The flecked effect features floating fragments, or flecks, creating a unique look whether you opt for neutrals or bolder colors. Many options have flecked effects, including chunky to subtle flecks, making it an excellent design for interior or exterior living spaces. 

Gorgeous Greens

We’re all craving a connection to nature – we’re seeing that in all elements of home design, and tile is no exception. Shades of green, from sage to mint to emerald, help bring a bit of the outdoors in.

Soft Textures

To tone down the look of 3D tile, soft textures and light colors create a serene canvas for any room. This creates a more natural look, while still bringing in textures that have grown popular over the past few years. 

High Gloss

This trend is a comeback! Glossy tiles offer an eye-catching shine, making any surface pop. Neutral tones and saturated colors keep a more natural look while adding in shine. 


Large-scale veining in tile is expected to be a big trend in 2021. Tile that mimics the look of marble, with some offering wide, flowing veins, and others with more angular veining. 


Tile sizes seem to be growing every year, and 2021 is no exception. Extra-large ceramic tiles, some up to 10.5 feet in size, are great for flooring and countertops. Bonus: larger tiles mean less grout to clean!


Biophilic design supports cognitive function, physical health, and psychological well-being. With advancements in high definition printing, biophilic tile design incorporates natural and untreated wood looks. 

Large Hexes

Hexagon tiles have been popular over the past couple of years, and now they are getting super-sized. In 2021, hexagon tile, as big as two feet in diameter, creates an eye-catching look. 

Patterned Tile Concrete Lookalikes

Tiles that look like concrete will continue to show up this year, with playful patterns creating a dramatic impact in any space. 

Muted Tones

A muted palette is the final 2021 Tile Trend from Coverings. Soft blues and greens create a soothing environment. People are looking to create more relaxing spaces at home, and muted colors are one way to achieve this. 

Do you have any tile questions? Let me know!