bathroom design trends

Bathroom Design Trends

Bathrooms remain the top room to renovate, according to a NAHB remodeler’s survey, with 74% of all remodeling projects involving a bathroom in 2020. 

And it’s not surprising – although typically the smallest room in the home, a well-designed remodel can turn your bathroom into a spa and has a great return on investment. 

That’s a win-win!

Keep reading to learn more about this year’s bathroom decor trends!

Shower Layouts

Who doesn’t love stepping into the shower after a long day? With the right layout, the shower becomes more than a place to rinse off, and feels more like a sanctuary. 

A walk-in shower with glass door, tiled walls, and built-in shelves or seating is one way to revamp your bathroom space. If you have the extra space, a separate soaking tub completes this trend!

Colorful Wallpaper

The bathroom is a great space to play with color. Since bathrooms are smaller, many people feel they can take a risk with paint or wallpaper because it is easier and less expensive to change out should you get sick of it in a few years. 

Wallpaper adds a fun element to your bathroom while adding in color and keeping the room light. 

Natural Elements

For those who think wallpaper is too risky, incorporating nature into the bathroom remains a trend. Natural materials, including wood cabinets, slate showers, or bamboo decor can help bring the outdoors in. 

Hooks and Hardware

Hardware is like the jewelry of the room. People are turning away from towel bars and installing unique hooks in all shapes, sizes, and finishes. Mixing and matching hardware finishes in bathrooms creates an eclectic look. 

Heated Floors

Once considered a luxury, heated floors in the bathroom are becoming more mainstream. Electric radiant floor heating systems are energy efficient and many can be controlled directly from your phone. Plus, the toasty warm floor feels incredible on a cold winter day!

What does your dream bathroom look like?