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6 Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

There’s nothing like a cozy fire to warm you up during New England winters. A gentle fire changes the ambiance and lighting of any room, not to mention the temperature. 

This week’s votes will help us determine what style of gas fireplace to install in the new unit at the Residences at 66 High Street. You may be thinking:

Why a gas fireplace? 

Wood-burning fireplaces and woodstoves certainly have their benefits, but a gas fireplace adds much more to a home. Keep reading for my top 6 benefits of gas fireplaces. 

Controllable Heat

The main benefit of any type of fireplace is the heat. With a gas fireplace, the heat is easily controlled by a button or remote. The fire starts up immediately, eliminating the skills needed to get a fire going, and set your desired temperature. Remote thermostats make it easy to get the perfect temperature and program your heat. When you are ready to leave the house or go to bed, the fire turns off with another button. 


Gas fireplaces offer a level of safety far above other options. Proper ventilation ensures all emissions are released outside the home, maintaining indoor air quality. In addition, mesh safety screens and glass safety barriers keep children and pets safe from hot surfaces. 

High-Efficiency Saves Money

It can be nerve-wracking to open the first heating bill during winter. Gas fireplaces are high-efficiency heating appliances that can be programmed and used for zoned heating. This allows you to turn down the average temperature throughout the house, and add extra heat to the rooms you utilize the most. Used properly, and you’ll see your utility bill begin to drop!

Minimal Effort and Maintenance

There is no need to gather and chop wood with a gas fireplace. Entirely self-sufficient, you don’t have to add pellets or wood chips. Simply turn on and off as you desire. Once a year, an annual maintenance check by a professional is required, and even that just requires you to call and schedule their visit!

Add Value to the Home

As a real estate agent, I can tell you buyers love to see a working fireplace in listings. If the fireplace is easy to operate and maintain, it becomes even more appealing. In fact, a new fireplace can return up to 91% of its investment when selling a home!  

Match Your Style

Now for the fun part! Gas fireplaces come in a variety of styles, elevating the design of any room. You can make a gas fireplace the focal point of a room with a modern linear fireplace with one, two, or three sides. If traditional is more your style, keep a classic look with a facade and mantle. For a vintage look, opt for a mid-century gas fireplace. When you add color options, size, and shape of the fireplace, the design choices are endless!

This week, you can help me select the style of the gas fireplace at 66 High Street! Head to The Social [RE]design Facebook or Instagram to vote today!