12 Days of Giving with The Gift Card Project

It’s no secret that this year’s holiday season is different. 

In years past, we’d all be focused on shopping, prepping, and planning for gatherings with our loved ones. This year, we’re reminded of what is most important in a completely new way. As many have altered plans due to the pandemic, we can’t help but think about those who are most affected this year. 

For those whose health has remained intact, there have been other repercussions:

  • 600 Connecticut restaurants have closed since March.
  • 35,000 businesses have closed. 
  • 277,000 jobs have been eliminated. 
  • 43% of Connecticut unemployment claims came from closed and nonoperational businesses, including restaurants, bars, nail and hair salons, and museums.

The season of giving brings out generosity and compassion every year – and this year is no different! I’m continuously amazed at all the incredible things individuals and businesses in our communities continue to do this year. 

Many have reached out to ask how to help along the Connecticut shoreline, and that’s where The Gift Card Project comes in!

The Gift Card Project

The Gift Card Project launched in March 2020 in response to the desire of so many people asking how they can help. 

The Gift Card Project aims to help in more than one way:

  1. By buying gift cards from small businesses, you help support your favorite local restaurants and shops.  
  2. Those gift cards are then given to someone who could use a boost. The Gift Card Project handles distribution to ensure gift cards get to those in need! 

Simply buy a gift card from a small business, email or send it to The Gift Card Project, and we’ll distribute it to those who need it most: families struggling to make ends meet, restaurant workers whose hours have been cut, and business owners forced to close their doors. 

From March through May, the Gift Card Project collected and distributed over $20,000 worth of gift cards to members of the community. This holiday season, we’re looking to match that amount!

Learn more about how you can help at The Gift Card Project.