transform dead space in your home

Transform Dead Space in Your Home

People often ask how to best utilize all the space in their home. 

Some areas may seem like wasted space at first glance, but with some creativity, there’s always a way to turn that space into something functional while adding to your home’s interior style. 

Take a look at how you can transform these six space in your home!

Tall Windows

Who doesn’t love oversized windows letting in all the sunlight? The only issue is, most people don’t want to cover them with furniture, leaving the space empty. Low benches allow the light in, while still providing a place to lounge. 

Unused Nook

Small nooks can be found in many homes: at the end of the hallway, between two walls, or a small landing at the top of the stairs. These spaces can easily be transformed into a home office with the right furniture. Measure the space, and find a desk to fit. To spruce up the new office, you can create an accent wall with a splash of color or wallpaper.

Bottom of the Staircase

The space at the bottom of the stairs often gets neglected. But you can make it an inviting space with a bench or chair and a piece of artwork. You can also install some shelving for extra storage. 


If you have a closet that’s sole purpose is collecting junk, you may want to consider clearing it out! There are numerous ways to repurpose a closet after taking the doors off. The small alcove can fit a changing table for a nursery, house your home bar, become a cozy reading nook, or even a mini-workshop area. 

Small Entrance

No matter what type of front entrance you have, you can create a space for your belongings near the front door. A small bench with baskets underneath some hooks provides organization for your coats and shoes, while a runner and accent wall creates a welcoming design. 

Corner of the Bedroom

No matter what size bedroom you have, you can utilize the corner of the room. Simply placing a chair in the corner of the bedroom gives you a place to sit or can be used to lay out clothes. Add a small side table for a comfy place to do your morning journaling or sip your coffee while getting ready.

Remember – every nook of your home can be utilized! Do you have questions about a dead space in your home? Let me know!

Simple Home Improvements that Make a Big Difference

Every winter, as I spend more time in my home, I start dreaming of the home improvements I want to make. Often, this has less to do with the function and flow of the space and more to do with changing up the design. In other words – it’s my yearly sign that I officially have cabin fever and am ready to spruce things up.  

Fortunately, not all improvements need to be costly and time-consuming. There are several things you can do in a day or two that will transform your living space for a refreshing change of pace. 

Here are 6 simple home improvements that make a big difference:

Select a New Color Scheme

A new coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to make a dramatic change in any room. You can opt to paint all four walls, create an accent wall, or paint some furniture. If you’ve been growing tired of the color scheme in your home, check out these 2021 paint colors for inspiration for your next home project. 

Update Your Trim

Painting window and door trim is a quick way to refresh a room. White trim has been a popular option for years, as it brightens the space and matches neutral color schemes. For a bold look, black trim creates a stark contrast to white walls. Other options include creating a monochrome look, by painting the trim the same color as the walls. And there’s always natural wood trim, which will never go out of style. 

Install New Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are the equivalent to jewelry for your home. No matter what your style is – modern, minimalist, eccentric, rustic, or traditional – there are lighting fixtures that complement your design. You can find fixtures to match any budget, and take on the installation as a DIY project to instantly transform your home. 

Switch Up Hardware

Much like lighting, if you have outdated hardware, it will make the entire room look outdated. From doorknobs to faucets to cabinet pulls, switching out hardware can revitalize your interior design. While changing out the hardware can be a bit more time consuming than a couple of light fixtures, it’s another project you can tackle yourself. 

Add Some Green

Gray days of winter are lacking the vibrancy of spring and summer. Add a bit of nature to your home with indoor plants. Not only will you get a pop of color, but you’ll get the benefits of indoor plants, which can help reduce stress, sharpen your attention, boost your productivity, and improve the quality of indoor air. 

Purge and Organize

This is something that everyone can do, and while you may cringe at the thought of reorganizing, it feels (and looks!) so good when you do! Get rid of items you no longer need, and organize the rest room by room. If a home organization really isn’t your thing, you can hire an organizer to help with the pantry, closets, basement, and more. 

How do you plan to give your home a refresh this year? Let me know in the comments!

home office

2020 Home Office Trends

This year, the home office has moved from ‘an added benefit’ to a ‘must-have’ on buyer checklists. For those who aren’t buying a new home, the make-shift home office at the kitchen table is no longer acceptable. 

If you work from home, it’s time to create a space that you love! Take a look at some home office trends that work whether you have an entire room to yourself or a corner nook with a desk. 

Colors that Inspire

Start with a color theme that inspires you. Organic and earthy grays, sage greens, and browns create a space that brings in elements of nature. This look is both calming and minimalistic in design. Bright and energetic colors liven up a space, creating a cheerful workspace. Finally, the monochromatic and bold theme is ideal for those who love a clean, modern look. 

This week, vote on the color theme for the office at Residences at 66 High Street!


Office ergonomics help you stay comfortable while you work, and are especially important if you sit in front of a computer all day. Ergonomics include adjusting your chair so knees are level with hips, setting up your computer so the screen is at eye level, and a keyboard level that keeps hands at or below the elbow. 

Here are some pieces you can incorporate for an ergonomic workstation:

  • Laptop stand with a separate keyboard and mouse.
  • Adjustable or standing desk.
  • Footrest.
  • Ergonomic office chair.

Organization: Less is More

No matter what color theme or type of furniture you choose, keeping your workspace organized is essential. Trending home office designs keep it simple. Use floating shelves to hold containers with office supplies, keeping clutter off of your desk. For those who prefer to keep supplies out of sight, a desk with one to two drawers is enough to store essentials. 

Zoom Worthy Backdrops

Zoom is the new conference call. While there are virtual backgrounds you can use, many are designing their space to include a backdrop they can proudly display on calls. An organized bookshelf, accent wall, or piece of art are all options. For those who want to be a bit more creative, you can use magazines or photos to create your own wall of inspiration. 

What does your ideal office look like? Let me know in the comments!