backyard features

Backyard Features that can Increase Your Property Value

Every year, people gear up and get excited to spend more time outside – even if that means sitting out on their own property. More than ever before, outdoor living space has become just as coveted as indoor living areas. 

If you are revamping your outdoor living areas, take a look at 6 features that are most likely to increase your home’s value as well as your enjoyment factor!

New Deck or Patio

The deck or patio is the place where people congregate, grill, and enjoy each other’s company. Investing in a new one, especially if the current one is old or neglected. A patio typically costs less to install than a deck, but both offer high ROI (Return of Investment), making the spend well worth it while you live there and when you sell!

Outdoor Kitchen

Who doesn’t dream of an outdoor kitchen? If you love to entertain, an outdoor kitchen makes it more convenient to prep food and drinks while hosting, but also limits the number of times your guests walk in and out of the house. 

While an outdoor kitchen will give any outdoor space the ‘wow’ factor, it is also a more expensive project to take on. Outdoor kitchens typically see a better ROI in higher-end properties, because luxury buyers look for amenities, among other factors. . 

Irrigation System

Landscaping is a large part of curb appeal, and an irrigation system allows you to maintain an impeccable property with less maintenance. If you have a large yard, this feature is especially appealing to buyers. 


No matter where you live – country, city, or suburbs – people want privacy. Landscaping that creates additional privacy from neighbors is an excellent addition to your outdoor space. If you don’t want to install a fence, hedges, plants, and shrubs can all create the privacy you desire.

Outdoor Shower

If you already have a pool or live by the shoreline, an outdoor shower can add value. This keeps sand out of the house, and provide an easy way to rinse off after a day of fun in the sun. 

Fire Pits

Fire pits are one of the most popular ways to increase your home’s appeal, especially in the Northeast. Costs can vary, depending on if the fire pit is permanent or mobile, but many buyers appreciate knowing they can cozy up to an outdoor fire. Of course, make sure it’s permitted in your community before installing!