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5 Paint Projects to Transform Your Home

Many people are yearning for a home refresh this year. One of the easiest ways to transform the design of your home is with paint. 

We also know that painting an entire house can seem like a daunting task, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spruce things up! Most paint projects can usually be completed in a day or two, and can provide you with a desired new look without going overboard with spending. 

Here are 5 paint projects to transform your home in a weekend: 


One of the quickest ways to boost the curb appeal of your home is to update your front door. Whether you just need to do a touch-up, or want to select a new, bold color, changing the color of your front door is a small project that makes a big difference. 

You can also take a look at the interior doors of your home. White interior doors remain popular because they provide an open, clean look, but they can also get smudge marks. If this is the case, you many want to touch up the doors inside as well. 


Updating your trim will make your entire home feel like new. Trim is something we don’t often notice, but it can make a big difference in the appearance of any room. If your trim is outdated or worn down, it may be time for a fresh coat of paint. Just like interior doors, white is a great option in any style home, but you can also go for a contrasting trim color for a bolder look. 


We often neglect the hallways in our homes, but we pass by these walls multiple times a day. If it’s time for a facelift, don’t just hang up more photographs. Start with the canvas and repaint the walls. 


The right paint color in the bathroom can turn it into a relaxing retreat. If you are sick of your bathroom but aren’t ready for new cabinets or flooring just yet, play around with a new paint color to transform this space. 


Outdated furniture can turn into a treasure after being sanded down and given new life. Whether it’s a desk, chairs, or side tables, furniture is also a great way to incorporate pops of color. This simple DIY project can be finished in an afternoon. Not only will you feel like you have new furniture, but it will change the look of the entire room!

These simple paint projects can be completed by anyone, giving you a spruced-up space without taking up too much time or exceeding your budget! 

dining room refresh

5-Day Dining Room Refresh

Like many of you, I have a never-ending list of improvements I want to make in my home. My latest refresh was my dining room, and it was long overdue. 

The dining room often gets overlooked, especially as many kitchens now incorporate some type of eat-in space. We’ve all seen dining room tables used as a place to pile up odds and ends, cleared off a couple of times a year for holiday dinners. 

But what if your dining room became a place you loved? With a quick refresh, the dining room can be your go-to to enjoy your meals and conversations with loved ones.  

The great thing about the dining room is it doesn’t take much to complete a refresh. Keep reading for how I did it in five days!

Day 1: The Before

Our dining room was fully functional and already had a dining room table I LOVE from Madison Furniture Barn, as well as an incredible light fixture from Serena & Lily. The only problem was, my family of five used it more as a passing-through than anything else. The room, in general, felt a bit dated with gray trim and chair rail on all four walls. 

Day 2: Trim Removed

Like any refresh, you must first remove what you don’t want before adding in what you do want. For me, that meant taking down all the trim. 

We put down paper to protect the flooring and hung plastic in the open doorways to prevent dust from going into other rooms. Then, the removal began. This included removing the ceiling, floor, door, and window trim, and well as the chair rail. 

Day 3: New Trim Installed 

Next, we installed new trim. We went with white trim around doors, windows, ceiling, and floor. This clean, simple look blends perfectly with the next feature added!

Day 4: Shiplap Installed

That’s right, shiplap! We put in white shiplap horizontally on every wall, with the exception of the nook (which used to be a closet!) that houses our dry bar. 

Day 5: Painting Complete

Finally, a bit of touch of paint was completed to finalize the dining room refresh. We used Super White by Benjamin Moore for a crisp, clean look. Since I already have a light fixture that I love, that didn’t need to change this time around. 

The final look is casual enough to enjoy family meals every night, and stylish enough to have after-dinner drinks with guests. 

If you’ve been thinking about making some changes to your dining room, here’s your sign! Feel free to send me any questions, and of course before and after photos!

Simple Home Improvements that Make a Big Difference

Every winter, as I spend more time in my home, I start dreaming of the home improvements I want to make. Often, this has less to do with the function and flow of the space and more to do with changing up the design. In other words – it’s my yearly sign that I officially have cabin fever and am ready to spruce things up.  

Fortunately, not all improvements need to be costly and time-consuming. There are several things you can do in a day or two that will transform your living space for a refreshing change of pace. 

Here are 6 simple home improvements that make a big difference:

Select a New Color Scheme

A new coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to make a dramatic change in any room. You can opt to paint all four walls, create an accent wall, or paint some furniture. If you’ve been growing tired of the color scheme in your home, check out these 2021 paint colors for inspiration for your next home project. 

Update Your Trim

Painting window and door trim is a quick way to refresh a room. White trim has been a popular option for years, as it brightens the space and matches neutral color schemes. For a bold look, black trim creates a stark contrast to white walls. Other options include creating a monochrome look, by painting the trim the same color as the walls. And there’s always natural wood trim, which will never go out of style. 

Install New Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are the equivalent to jewelry for your home. No matter what your style is – modern, minimalist, eccentric, rustic, or traditional – there are lighting fixtures that complement your design. You can find fixtures to match any budget, and take on the installation as a DIY project to instantly transform your home. 

Switch Up Hardware

Much like lighting, if you have outdated hardware, it will make the entire room look outdated. From doorknobs to faucets to cabinet pulls, switching out hardware can revitalize your interior design. While changing out the hardware can be a bit more time consuming than a couple of light fixtures, it’s another project you can tackle yourself. 

Add Some Green

Gray days of winter are lacking the vibrancy of spring and summer. Add a bit of nature to your home with indoor plants. Not only will you get a pop of color, but you’ll get the benefits of indoor plants, which can help reduce stress, sharpen your attention, boost your productivity, and improve the quality of indoor air. 

Purge and Organize

This is something that everyone can do, and while you may cringe at the thought of reorganizing, it feels (and looks!) so good when you do! Get rid of items you no longer need, and organize the rest room by room. If a home organization really isn’t your thing, you can hire an organizer to help with the pantry, closets, basement, and more. 

How do you plan to give your home a refresh this year? Let me know in the comments!