transform dead space in your home

Transform Dead Space in Your Home

People often ask how to best utilize all the space in their home. 

Some areas may seem like wasted space at first glance, but with some creativity, there’s always a way to turn that space into something functional while adding to your home’s interior style. 

Take a look at how you can transform these six space in your home!

Tall Windows

Who doesn’t love oversized windows letting in all the sunlight? The only issue is, most people don’t want to cover them with furniture, leaving the space empty. Low benches allow the light in, while still providing a place to lounge. 

Unused Nook

Small nooks can be found in many homes: at the end of the hallway, between two walls, or a small landing at the top of the stairs. These spaces can easily be transformed into a home office with the right furniture. Measure the space, and find a desk to fit. To spruce up the new office, you can create an accent wall with a splash of color or wallpaper.

Bottom of the Staircase

The space at the bottom of the stairs often gets neglected. But you can make it an inviting space with a bench or chair and a piece of artwork. You can also install some shelving for extra storage. 


If you have a closet that’s sole purpose is collecting junk, you may want to consider clearing it out! There are numerous ways to repurpose a closet after taking the doors off. The small alcove can fit a changing table for a nursery, house your home bar, become a cozy reading nook, or even a mini-workshop area. 

Small Entrance

No matter what type of front entrance you have, you can create a space for your belongings near the front door. A small bench with baskets underneath some hooks provides organization for your coats and shoes, while a runner and accent wall creates a welcoming design. 

Corner of the Bedroom

No matter what size bedroom you have, you can utilize the corner of the room. Simply placing a chair in the corner of the bedroom gives you a place to sit or can be used to lay out clothes. Add a small side table for a comfy place to do your morning journaling or sip your coffee while getting ready.

Remember – every nook of your home can be utilized! Do you have questions about a dead space in your home? Let me know!